Cloudy amber drops from your eyes when your flying fish no longer has colourful and functioning fins

Its still fresh black big eyes are reflecting bubbles in the amber tears and ancient yeasts are released as the bubbles break with inaudible plosives 

Deaf cats and dogs hear it rains cats and dogs when their otolaryngologist hits iodargyrite to the indigenous cooking chant

Silver print photography of clams is carefully burnt to call rain and that ends up with umami crystals dancing up and down in the cumulonimbus 

Fermented sweet fish migrate as the rainy season turns into the deeper dry season and ponds reveal discarded organic umbrellas stuck on the lush water bottoms

Commercial Araucaria pots paired with beetroot penguin garum are awaiting to become next mutated mermaids at the earliest in 30 million years

An awake archaeologist is in seamlessly woven dreams where silent cicada fossils are cross-fertilising every ingredient of the light evergreen Worcestershire sauce

Carving knives made of salted plum leaves are used to draw this flood-free district where all the micro plants float in the water to grow and decay according to the haunting level

Frozen shards of the ephemeral weather map are melting in a sea pineapple’s inner body fluid, of which temperature and taste are only slightly different from its surrounding smooth landscape

Throwing stones as a pastime in a sperm whale’s stomach is how you become ambergris to sink in the deepest of an oceanic trench happily ever after

Prescribed masks are all combined, and come with little evaporating dishes to sip the birch sap envious of lyngurium melting into warmed hope vodka

Bamboos are supposed to bloom only in some hundred years, but if there is a year when no bamboos are blooming that would be a true miracle 


A text for the work as part of 'Re-Enchanted Matter' at APT Gallery, curated by Hot Desque, supported by Arts Council England

Flying Fish Fins Bloom Bamboo Blossoms (2020)

Cast sugar and amber